UK's EU Referendum and its Outcome

The FTSE 100 finally makes a recovery after the eu referendum outcome, over £122 billion was lost on Friday morning after Britain voted to leave the European Union. The last time we saw the Pound these low was in 1985.
London Economic digital newspaper says the controversial eu referendum poll saw France overtake Britain as the world's fifth biggest economy.

The FTSE 100 index finished at 3.2% lower at 6,138.69. the global stock market lost about £1.4 trillion in value on Friday.
EU Referendum Poll Outcome

How the EU Referendum Poll fair

On Thursday 23 June a referendum was held to decide if UK should leave or remain in the EU. The turnout was massive over 30 million voters, the last time we saw such turnout was in 1992 general election, thus, leave won with 52% - 48%.
The EU Referendum Graph

Will Britain Leave The EU

If the Britain EU referendum is to scale through it will have to invoke the so called Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
The UK Prime Minister will decide wen to invoke this, to set the motion for a 2 years formal withdrawal from the EU.
One cannot really ascertain now the Brexit process will turn out, since the Article have never been tested since it came into existence in 2009.

By October PM David Cameron will be stepping down but says he will explain the British people decision to the European Council next week. 
EU law still stands in the UK until it ceases being a member - and that process could take some time.
The UK will continue to abide by EU treaties and laws, but not take part in any decision-making, as it negotiates a withdrawal agreement and the terms of its relationship with the rest 27 EU countries.

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks on the Britain eu referendum, saying that he wanted Britain to stay in the EU. He sought an agreement with other European Union leaders to change the terms of Britain's membership.

PM David Cameron

Cameron says the deal would give Britain "special" status and help sort out some of the things British people said they didn't like about the EU, like high levels of immigration - but critics kicked against his deal.
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