OMG! Romanian Fabulous Life of a Gambler In America Won 5 Million Dollars in 3 Months

Romanian fabulous life of a gambler in America. He won 5 million dollars in three months, from sports betting. The strategy raised him from bankruptcy

You wish you could bet 77,000 dollars once without worrying that in the event of a failure, you lose your home, car and all the quiet life? A Romanian-born American can and more, earning millions of dollars a treadmill.
Meet David Oancea, a gambler aged 37 years extremely popular in the United States under the name Dave Vegas. He can be seen in numerous photographs or videos posted on social networks numbering hundreds of thousands of dollars with the same nonchalance that shows famous World Champion Floyd "Money" Mayweather with dollars.
Dave Oancea, which Americans pronounce his name "Wanchai" speak the sport in America and make money that a man with a regular job would not even win the 100 lives.
Last performance was winning sum of 223.300 dollars for the weekend, a match won by UFC fighter Miesha Tate. Oancea bet 77,000 dollars and won, and in the end was posed and spent the one who has pocketed the money.
I wake up every day like a child on Christmas Day. I can not wait to go to bet on matchesDave Oancea
Established in Honolulu, Hawaii, the bettor moved 15 years ago from Las Vegas to be closer to their places of wasting money and betting and gambling. In November 2015 he won 240,000 dollars, betting $ 20,000 per fighter Holly Holm victory in the match of UFC Randy Rousey. Oancea and then explained the strategy. Paria, in fact, consistently the favorite against Rousey: "I'll put $ 10,000 of fun on every game where you fight Rousey and eventually lost. That's my philosophy. It takes just a lucky shot. I plant blood ".
Oancea won 340,000 dollars in 2013, when he bet $ 30,000 on the Boston Red Sox to win the title in Major League Baseball (MLB)
However, these last two wins is pocket money compared to Dave's record "Vegas" Oancea. American media reported that on 2 November 2015 Oancea won 2.5 million dollars, betting $ 100,000 on that team Kansas City Chief will win the title in the American League Baseball (MLB).

Royals had won a title there for 30 years, but Oancea began to bet on them from 30 to 1 share until it fell to 8-1. "I thought in Kansas City. I saw something early in the season so called experts have not seen. Were quoted they will finish last in the division, "explained Oancea, the man who is now considered the best punter outsiders in history.
Large gains were alerted bookmakers and casinos where bets Oancea. "After I won the Royals, all bets limited me. Wetsgate no longer receives my bets. William Hill has set a limit my earning to $ 300,000, and at the same MGM. I Caesars receives $ 300 in betting, "said Oancea for CBS.
Before Kansas serious bettor won twice Baseball: 240,000 dollars and 400,000 dollars. "A payment of $ 2.5 million is the amount engaged in a bet in history. The whole world will remember me for that. I was wrong many times in its 15-year career as a gambler, but most often I'm right. I hoped to be right now for my parents. I promised that I will buy your dream house when you collect money, "said Oancea in November last year.
ProSport chatted with Dave Oancea and learned that the bettor father was born in Sibiu.
Oancea began his career gambler in 2000 after he told his parents that he would go to university, but used a loan of $ 10,000 to bet on roulette. Doubled your money. In the period since then, Oancea suffered huge losses several times, and at one point went two months at Gambler Anonymous meetings. "Several years ago, I hit bottom. My parents were proud of me. I was not proud of myself. We parents lost their savings, but they have not stopped believing in me any time, "he told Oancea.
"By 2009 or 2010, we lost all the money. I just wanted to bet to win every week. My parents saved "Dave Oancea
American with Romanian father is addicted to gambling, but says he has learned to discipline themselves to become a professional gambler: "If I lose, do not pursue bet with another. Here's the key. Many people bet constantly and want to win every week. It is impossible. Game very selective. Only one, two games per week, while others go 10 bets. 

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