18 Odd Jobs That Pays Well:Fun Dream Jobs

                  18 Odd jobs that pays well you Never Believe Exist

1. Professional Snuggler: A professional snuggler earn with 40-$60 per hour this jobs only provide  snuggling, cuddling or hug as a source of comfort for the client, over night snuggling session are also possible. The client should bring snacks to eat or any other sources of entertainment such as ipad or tablet, movies or book.

Professional Snuggler

2. Paper Towel Sniffer: This is the oddest job you would find in the list, the job pays decently For the amount of your well done. you just need to smell paper towels for manufacturer to make sure the paper towel don't have any odour this job pays an annual salary of about $19,000 to  $52,000.

Paper Towel Sniffer

3. Crime Scene Cleaners: Cleaners are people clean, sanitize and disinfect the scene after the police have carried out their own part of the job getting all the evident need of them. This job can be very massive especially a case of brutal murder case they make $50,000 annually to make crime scene, office or home look spotless.

Crime Scene Cleaners

4. Food Stylists: the purpose of a food stylist is to make the food look nice in photography, Magazine, TV or printouts and good enough to eat, they also have to make the food look appetizing during the lengthy shoot; they make a good amount of money which range Between 33,000 - 58,000 a year.

Food Stylists

5. Golf Ball Divers: This nice job for those who love outdoor. The diver’s works in the golf court. They dive into the water to collect all balls that goes to the bottom of the water. Most golf diver makes $50,000 - 100,000 per year.

Golf Ball Divers

6. Face Feelers: Face feelers works for skin care companies and the job requirement is simple they feel the skin of those who are trying a new skin care product. skin care tester also work for the skin care companies, the face feeler helps to determine if the skin care product helps provide noticeable improvement with this job you can make $25 per hour.

7. Sewer Inspector: The sewer inspector makes a good living, they make around 34,000 - 61,000 per year. They spend days underground inspecting the pipes for cracks or any other problems that needs repair for Good sewer system.

sewer inspector

8. Sex Toy Tester: Sex toy testers test new sex toys at the comfort of their home this jobs are hard to find but if you get one it pays around 39,000 per year.

9. Master Sommelier:
a sommelier is wine experts who give suggestion on the kind of wine to serve with a specific food. they work in top restaurant and some work for wine retailers, master sommelier has a expect skill set and about hundreds of them in this field in the whole world for this reason the average pay is about $80,000 although some earn much.

10.  Imax Screen Cleaner:
This is a job in the entertainment industry that pay about 45,000 per year just for removing dust on the screen.

11. Pet Food Tester: The tester check for good flavor to ensure the pet gets a good tastily meal the job pays about $40,000 annually.

12. Bed Tester:
This is another product that involves product testing, best tester lie down on the bed every day to check the comfort of the bed the job pays $53,000 a year.

13. Ethical Hackers: They have a wide range of salary that range from $25,000 - $132,000 per year this hackers use ethical method for accessing personal and business information, the purpose of ethical hacking is to fix the problem cause by criminal hackers, Big organization employ ethical hackers to keep their information and computer network secured.

14. Obscure Stunt Testers: This tester’s test disgusting food to know if they are suitable for Consumers to eat. They are often employed by competition shows, that often let contestant eat unappetizing food as part of the challenge the pay is often good it pays around $800 a day.

15. Voice Over Artist: This people lends voices to TV station, radio house, cartoon, animation, or even automated phone they can make significantly around $50,000 to $80,000 a year.

16. Furniture Tester: They test furniture such as chair and other kind of furniture to check how comfortable it could be they make within $32,000 a year.

17. Oil and Gas Divers: This is a nice job for does who love adventure, oil diver works under water in the oil rig, making necessary repairs they make about $80,000 a year.

18. Water slide Tester:  They play all day and get paid for about $32,000, their requires tester’s to test water slide repeatedly to check if is okay for the general public to use.
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