UA HealthBox Fitness Tracking Products Biggest Health Tech

Under Armour Unveiled the biggest fitness tech UA HealthBox

Under Armour unveiled a new line of Health technology that tracks fitness, nutrition, Heart rate and sleep. The product measures everything from the way you feel on every giving day and also your fitness.

The product was created in partnership with HTC and this wonder product is called UA HealthBox. The new gear will help athletes, personal trainers; giving and arming them with information that help them win with their own health and fitness for a better health. Over 160 million people already registered on the app.
UA HealthBox

Under Armour in collaboration with an audio company Harman to design a pair of headphones, which would mark the first entry into industry of the electronics market. So many are waiting for the review, I must say that this new gear have a large market, Due to less competition of fitness wearables market in the world today , As Nike’s exit the market and discontinue its FuelBand line in 2014.

Moreover, Under Armor is presenting its first savvy shoe, which can tie into the more extensive wellness following framework. The $150 shoe, called the UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped, tracks and stores information, for example, time and date, length of time, separation, and parts amid workouts, runs, or strolls. The shoes, will be made available by Feb. 29, even caution the user when it's an ideal opportunity to purchase another pair through the application, which for the most part happens around the 450 mile mark.

Below are the full package:

UA HealthBox: Include Fitness system which includes a UA Band, UA Scale, UA Heart Rate. sold for $400. Customers can pre-order HERE.

-The UA Band: Give athletes with cutting edge innovation to track steps, distance, heart rate and rest. The boycott keeps running at the standalone cost of $180. Customers can pre-order HERE.

-The UA Heart Rate: It monitors the heart rate, that features an innovative micro snap technology designed to provide comfort during work. It retails for $80.

-For $180, athletes can also purchases the UA Scale, it is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, designed to scale up weight and body fat.

UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped: is the company’s first smart shoe that tracks and stores data, including time and date, duration, distance and splits. The shoe retails for $150 and will be available for purchase at and in selected stores on February 29, 2016.

UA Headphones Wireless: $180 in price, built for durability and are guaranteed to never fall out. The company’s UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate will hit the shelves late spring and retails for $250.

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