6 Amazing Songs to Soothe a Hangover.

6 Amazing Songs to Soothe a Hangover the musical medicine.

You may have had the best night of your life yesterday, but now your head is pounding. While you probably should be chugging gallons of water and reaching for that aspirin, a nice soothing song could also put your mind at ease.


Think we're joking? According to a number of studies, music can help ease pain. Dr. Lynn Webster, who was former president of the American Academy of Pain and Medicine and VP of Scientific Affaris for PRA Health Sciences, told Mic, "I would think of a hangover as similar to migraines in the sense that you don't want anything too sharp, too loud... But if it can distract you, it theoretically is going to offer you some relief."

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Now that we've got science on our sides, here are eight songs that could get you through the morning after.

"Bed Peace" - Jhene Aiko
Jhene Aiko

"Northern Wind" - City and Colour
City and Colour

"Forever Young" - Rihannon Giddens and Iron & Wine
Rihannon Giddens and Iron & Wine

"Re: Stacks" - Bon Iver

Bon Iver

"Latch" (Acoustic Version) - Sam Smith

Sam Smith

"Lost Stars" - Adam Levine

Adam Levine

"Blank Space" - Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

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