iphone 6 screen protector Tempered Glass 3x Stronger

iphone 6 screen protector Tempered Glass 3x Stronger

I used the Max-boost iPhone 6 screen protector. Instead of putting my phone in dangerous situations, I lookout for solid glass screen protectors.

This screen protector is made up of a tempered glass material. Which his really nice. It not a plastic or flimsy like many other screen protectors, that i felt it does, This has an exceptional job of protecting my screen. The protector comes with a packed of features, which include the, oil repellant, ultrathin, it has a hydro-phobic coating that helps prevents finger prints and makes the screen easy to clean. If the is broken, the glasses crack into smaller pieces which would be held within the film. Hard surface three times stronger than the normal film screen protector. Even sharp object such as metal nor knives could scratch the glass. When i got the item a little installation kit consisting of an alcohol swab, a micro fiber cloth, dust absorber, and some guide stickers.

iphone 6 screen protector

N.B No Loss in the touch screen sensitivity as the silicone adhesive, leaves no space betwwen the screen and glass. 99% touch screen accurate.


How To install iphone 6 screen protector:

1. Firstly , Start by using the soft tissue like pad to clean phones screen. Be sure it is well cleaned, so as to avoid the dust that may later result bubbles later.
2. Use the tissue like fiber and dry the screen as thoroughly as possible.
3. Next use the soft tissue absorber to clean surface once again so as to ensure no dust particles are remaining on the surface.
4. Gently place the screen protector (the removable film should face you) on the phone screen. carefully adjust the position for you to have it the way you like.
5. Now press the screen protector over the edge of the phone. This helps to hold the screen protector in place.
6. Now flip the screen over so the removable film is facing up and peel off the film.
7. Show the sticky side, flip the screen protector back over and carefully place it into position. The guide strips should be doing most of the work for you.
8. Use the tissue like fiber cloth to firmly press down, trying to keep air bubbles from rising. You can always use a ATM Card to help work out any air bubbles that do appear.

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