CES 2016 Innovative Drones Now Available

At the CES 2016 exhibition show we all were trilled with the latest drone technology. the Consumer Electronic Show organizers staged the event about 27 kilometres away from the airport air space.

You quite agree with VAEIB that Drones became the most populous gadget on display at CES, over 180,000 registered drones with various size, and rodeo has them all.

CES 2016 Drone

Made for newbies

CEO of drone maker Yuneec USA, Shan Phillips speaks of the huge interest displayed in drones at the CES 2016 and with the ease of operation owing to modern day technology embedded in them.

The newest Parrot Bebop 2 drone, touted as one of the easier drones to fly.to make you understand more here is a video for you to watch.

Yuneec's Phillips says: "The idea is that if I'm doing some activity, like I'm in the forest with my kid, and he's riding a mountain bike for the first time, I can focus on filming my child, because I know the drone will avoid trees and other obstacles," Despite the new rules from the Federal Aviation Administration that all drones must be registered, and impose heavy fines for those who don't, Phillips  further spoke with confidence that he expects drone sales to triple this year. 

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