5 Bad Habit That Damage Your Brain Today

Five Bad Habit That Damage Your Brain.

1. No Breakfast

This is common among most students and workers, they have form the bad habit of not, taking their breakfast due to many busy schedule, they often forget to take their breakfast in the morning, and people who don't take breakfast are most likely to have a low blood sugar level. And this resolve down to, insufficient supply of nutrient to the brain, Causing degeneration. This bad bad habit leads to low sugar level all day. Research proves that the carbohydrates that we take in the morning, Are the really good for our brain, So do well by giving your brain the food it needs to improves the brain functionality. 

2. Air Pollution

Air pollution is common problem in most developing countries, Staying around an air polluted environment, Is one of the bad habit that would damage your brain. Wherever u go, you are welcome with a polluted Air, And inhaling this will decrease the supply of oxygen to your brain, which has a negative impact to the brain, So i advice to avoid an environment with a polluted air. This is the reason why you need to read this Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the world you can live today.
air pollution

3. Smoking.

We are all aware of the negative effect of smoking, Even the passive smokers suffer because of cigarette smokes around them, basically smoking damages The Memory, Cognitive abilities, leaning skills and thinking power. and also been proved, to be a cause of the renowned disease like Dementia and Alzheimer.

4. Low water Consumption

The important of water is well know to us, The human body contains over 70% of water, so when you lower the intake of water, we basically compromise of a crucial need off our brain. Water is linked to so many function of human body, and the brain needs it. so you are advice to increase the intake of water, if you have not been doing this, i advice to start doing that, quickly for proper body function.
drinking water

5. Sleep Deprivation

Most teenagers stay up late either clubbing or gluing their eye to their PC Screen, This have a negative effect on the brain, since we laser the time for the brain and body to have it's rest, which causes a long term damages. this habit sleeping late or not sleeping  accelerate the death of the brain cell.
sleep deprivation

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